Sen. Tom Coburn: How Both Parties Bankrupted America

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The best person in Congress.

via Reason TV

The Debt Bomb

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I just bought the book.

Too bad he didn’t run for President.

Sen. Tom Coburn. The Best.

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via The Daily Caller

Uh Oh, Sen. Tom Coburn Strongly Against Newt as President.

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Readers of this blog will know that I was very supportive of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels running for president. With him out, my next choice (that also wouldn’t happen) was Tom Coburn.  Both of those two have the ability to explain what the problems are and how to solve them, and do so in a way that most people can understand while not turning off the average voter.  It’s the same quality that Gov Chris Christie has.

So what’s wrong with Newt Gingrich? I can say the same thing about him, but… And that’s the problem. There are a lot of “buts.” I believe that Newt has the most talent of all the candidates to communicate a clear message, but Coburn’s opinion means a lot to me.

Here’s a link to Tom Corburn’s comments from this morning’s appearance on Fox.  Coburn blasts Gingrich, found his leadership ‘lacking’ as House Speaker.

Here’s the video, via Gateway Pundit.

Here’s 5 obstacles for Newt to overcome. Ego, Immigration, Baggage, Electability and Money & Organization.

Tom Coburn: We`ve Undermined Self Reliance.

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I wish he’d have run for president. Coburn’s as good as Mitch Daniels.

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Tom Coburn: It Hasn`t Worked The Last Four Times.

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This isn’t class warfare, it’s just stupid.

Sen. Tom Coburn On Obama and The Financial Problems We`re Facing.

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Since Gov. Mitch Daniels decided not to run for president, my hope (very unlikely to happen) is that Coburn runs, because he knows how to explain what the problem is. Dream on.

He gave one of the best interviews I’ve ever seen on Charlie Rose earlier this week. See the whole 36 minutes is here.

Or, here’s a short edit (not enough to get the full context, but better than nothing.

Here’s an audio clip from a Laura Ingraham

More Coburn at Big Government.

Tom Coburn Speech to End Ethanol Subsidy

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Sen. Tom Coburn Leaves Gang of Six, Talks About the Debt and Tax Hikes

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My 2012 dream ticket is Daniels & Coburn.

via NRO

Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.), on hiatus from the Gang of Six, sat down with ABC’s Jon Karl for a “Subway Series” interview to discuss the debt crisis.

On why he left the Gang of Six:

We were at an impasse on what we could do. If you can’t get past an impasse there’s no reason to sit there and keep doing the same things back an forth. . . . What you need to do is back off, see if you can do something different.

On solving the debt crisis:

The longer we deny the reality that we have to fix it, the more difficult it’s going to be to fix it — that’s number one. Number two: somebody may be telling us what we’re going to do, kind of like the EU is telling Greece right now. Do we want to get in that position, or do we want to control our destiny?

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Sen. Tom Coburn on Budget Negotiations

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I wish Tom Coburn would run for president.


Sen. Tom Coburn: Here`s $350 Billion That Can be Cut Right Now

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I wish Coburn wanted to run for President in 2012.

Here, Tom Coburn says that he knows there’s 350 billion that can be cut right now, and he goes on to enumerate what some of those cuts are:

via The Right Scoop

Sen. Tom Coburn Explains What Needs to be Done To Avoid Financial Collapse.

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I was hoping this would be accessible on video. Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, my second favorite elected official spells out what needs to be done to turn around our economy and avoid becoming like Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal & Spain.

Coburn said if we didn’t confront our fiscal problems in a serious way, we could:

See 15 to 18 percent unemployment rate. I think you’ll see a 8 to 9 percent decline in GDP. I think you’ll see the middle class destroyed. The people it will harm the most will be the poorest of the poor.


The history of republics is they average 200 years of life. And they all fail in the history over fiscal matters. They rot from within before they collapse or are attacked.

All this comes down to our elected officials, at almost every level, have been spending more than they take in, and it’s been going on for decades.

Sen. Tom Coburn on Debt Commission ~ `We`ve Created Dependency.`

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At least it appears that some are really trying to address the out of control spending that started with the Bush administration.

This is a great speech. I’m pleased Coburn also endorsed Rep. Paul Ryan’s Roadmap.

via Hot Air

Quotes of the Week

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George Will:

When Democrats got control of Congress in 2007 they acted to save the planet from the incandescent light bulb, banning it come 2014. For sheer annoyingness, that matches Congress’s 1973 imposition of a 55 mph speed limit, which was abolished in 1995.

Nothing did more to energize conservatism in the 1970s than judges and legislators collaborating in the forced busing of (other people’s) children to achieve racial balance in (other people’s) schools. This policy expressed liberalism’s principled refusal to be deterred by the public’s misunderstanding of what is good for it. Obamacare is today’s expression of liberalism’s kamikaze devotion to unwanted help for Americans, the ingrates.

WSJ Editorial:

Chris Christie sure has a knack. The New Jersey Governor keeps shocking the political class on behalf of taxpayers, most recently by terminating work on a new passenger-train tunnel that was supposed to run under the Hudson River into Manhattan. To govern is to choose, or ought to be. And the reason New Jersey and so many other states can’t afford new “infrastructure” is because the politicians who’ve been running the state have blown the budget on everything else. For years, Democrats in Trenton have steered ever-more state revenues to government employees and their pensions, while squeezing state spending on the core purposes of government such as roads. Mr. Christie is telling them that the jig is up, and that a government that tries to do everything ends up doing nothing well.

The tunnel flap is a microcosm of the crowding out of public works caused by liberal governance around the country.

The tragedy here is that the U.S. does need better roads and more modern public works. Many such projects would be worth the money by contributing more to general economic efficiency and growth than they cost. But they’ve been crowded out by the liberal vote-buying politics of transfer payments and government union payoffs.

Here’s a modest proposal that Mr. Christie might consider making to his many liberal critics. If Democrats in Trenton and government unions will agree to his recent pension reforms, then he’ll go ahead with the tunnel. Liberals need to choose between their dreams of an endless welfare state and the more basic obligations of government.

Sen. Tom Coburn: For Republicans, the Moment for Reform Has Arrived

For Republicans, the most important question leading into November is not how many seats we might gain, but what will we do if we gain them. Having lived through the rise and fall of the 1994 Republican Revolution I’m convinced that if the Republican Party does not reform itself this time, it will die. It will no longer exist and I won’t be a part of it.

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Tom Coburn warns Dems of making backroom deals on Health Care

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After Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn is my favorite choice to run for president in 2012.

Here’s Coburn telling Dems who voted no on first Health Care vote that the Senate won’t support Congressmen who lose their election and are then appointed by the Obama Administration for some Federal job (in payment for switching their vote).

H/T Hot Air.

Sen. Tom Coburn 4 minute video. I hope he runs for President on 2012.

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(video starts about 8 seconds in) This is from a late August town hall meeting in Bentonville, Arkansas. Sen Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) responds to an audience member who supports the public healthcare option. The rest speaks for itself.

Tom Coburn: “Ten Questions Politicians Won’t Answer:” Evasive politicians, not concerned citizens, are dividing America over health-care reform.

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via NationalReview Online
The past week’s debate about health care has shown that in Washington the only things more stubborn than facts are politicians who evade them. In spite of a torrent of independent analyses showing that the so-called health-care “reform” bills moving through Congress will dramatically increase the deficit and cause millions of Americans to lose their health insurance, the politicians leading the effort have steadfastly refused to consider that their ideas and policies, rather than the character of their critics, may be flawed. At the same time, the politicians writing the bill still refuse to answer basic questions about how it will be paid for and how it will affect patients.

The American people have good reason to be concerned. The fact is that President Obama and the vast majority of members who support the reform bills would set up a single-payer health-care system if they could start from scratch. In the meantime, according to their own explanations, they will settle for creating a public, government-run option in the context of our current employer-based health-insurance system. The American people know this because the president and many other Democrats have made this argument many times publicly.

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“Senate Doctors” hosted by Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) & John Barrasso (R-WY).

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I’m sure this won’t happen, but from what I’ve seen and read of Tom Coburn, he’s the one I’d most like to see become President, more than anyone else in Politics.

Premiere episode of the “Senate Doctors” show hosted by Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) and Tom Coburn (R-OK).

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