Final Entry?

December 31st, 2013 § 0 comments

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This will probably be my last post.  At age 67 I’m starting a new phase of my life. I’m leaving the real estate business to become NYS Senator Kathy Marchione’s Deputy Chief of Staff.

Instead of just reading about how destructive government is becoming, I want to do something, no matter how small, to try to make a difference at limiting the progressive’s drive to move from a incentive driven and freedom of opportunity culture to a redistributive economy and equality of results society.

The most memorable phrase that Obama used in 2012 was his “You Didn’t Build That” line, indicating that the 230+ year American ideal of people benefiting from the fruits of their own labor was now over.  Progressives see the world as a zero sum game – they don’t believe that you can earn wealth without having taken it away from someone else.

Thanks for all the many nice comments I’ve received over the years – it’s been fun.  As for the nasty comments, they’ve been fun too (it’s comical to see how many progressives can only attack you personally, and denigrate your motives, instead of using logic to argue their point of view).


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