Lara Logan`s Explosive Speech on the Resurgence of the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

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9/11 Memorial At Ground Zero – September 10, 2011

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9/11 Scenes and Some Opinions

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Scenes From September 11, 2001

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A few links:

Let’s Roll Over – Mark Steyn

Myth and Reality After 9/11 – Victor Davis Hanson

The 9/11 Decade – The U.S. is safer and has not sacrificed its civil liberties. – WSJ

The Ripples of 9/11 -A decade of surprises in the war on terror



911 Remembered, and Why Bush (and Democrats) Believed Saddam Needed to Be Removed.

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Like millions of Americans, 911 had a profound affect on me. I recall quite vividly thinking about 40 minutes after the second tower got hit, (see the timeline of events) hearing that the pentagon had also been attacked, that this is how Americans must have felt after hearing that Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941.

I remember thinking how I had lived for 55 years without having to suffer from the wars that every past generation has had to face. My mother, having escaped Hitler’s imminent invasion of Hungary in 1940. inculcated the seriousness of war (and bigotry) in me at an early age.

Over the next few weeks and months George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and millions of Americans believed that we were going to be attacked again. And that the next time could be much more severe. Attacks where hundreds of thousands might die from chemical or biological weapons. And the most likely person who could cause such an attack was Saddam Hussein. My prediction, at the time, was that the easiest way to cause much more fear among Americans was just one person detonating a bomb driving through the Lincoln Tunnel, or releasing sarin gas in a NYC subway car, as was done in Tokyo in 1995. At a minimum, we’d see small terrorist attacks as had been going on for years in Israel.

So what was Bush to do? Who was the most likely person to support al Qaeda? Who had been giving the families of Palestinian suicide bombers in Israel $25,000?

Just a few years earlier, President Bill Clinton, and almost every Democrat and Republican believed that Saddam Hussein had nuclear and chemical weapons, and would use them. Either directly, through Osama bin Laden, or any member of al Queda. In 1998 the Congress passed The Iraq Liberation Act, making regime change the “policy” of the United States.

Go to If The Bush Administration Lied About WMD, So Did These People — Version 3.0 to read quotes from some notable right wingers, like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, John Edwards, Tom Daschle, Robert Byrd, Dick Gephardt, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Milulski, Madeline Albright, Sandy Berger, Henry Waxman, Jacques Chirac, Hans Blix and others.

A bipartisan Congress passed the Iraq War Resolution 296 to 133 in the House and 77 to 23 in the Senate.

So the meme that George W. Bush had lied us into war, first perpetuated by Ted Kennedy and then enthusiastically seized on by the MSM in 2004 started the revisionist history.

I think two of Bush’s major errors were in 1) not discussing and explaining to the public the reasons why he was supporting removing Saddam and 2) relying only on the simplest explanation as sufficient reason. He assumed that everyone “got it.” That we were in serious danger must have seemed so obvious. Big error. I’m sure Bush had received huge amounts of data on threats from the CIA and the FBI, but the American didn’t.

Here are some of the reasons passed by the Congress.

The Iraq Resolution cited many factors to justify the use of military force:

This is not to imply that the Iraq war didn’t have many serious flaws in its execution. The American people would not have turned on George W. Bush if the war had been thought out much better and hadn’t deteriorated into chaos, regardless of how or why those things happened. Americans want victory when they go to war, not excuses.

One of the sad consequences of no more successful terrorist attacks not happening is that it made it seem as if going offense against al-Queda was unnecessary.

I believed, and still believe, that if Iraq remains a democracy, history will be very kind to George W. Bush’s decision.

Update: read Charles Krauthammer -The 9/11 “Overreaction.”

There Are Good Actions Taken By Obama.

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John at Verum Serum, suggests that Obama would make a good CIA Director in a Perry Administration.

The following list must drive the far Left and MoveOn types batty:

  • April 2009 – In the first few months of his administration, Obama sent a team of SEALs to kill Somali pirates who’d taken a ship’s captain hostage. Three pirates were shot in the head, one was captured alive.
  • August 2009 – Drones kill militant Baitullah Mehsud along with his wife and family.
  • October 2009 – Abu Ayyub al-Masri an Al Qaeda explosives expert is killed in Pakistan.
  • March 2010 – Hussein al-Yemeni an Al Qaeda planner is killed by a drone strike.
  • May 2010 – Saeed al-Masri, Al Qaeda’s 3rd in command is killed by drone strikes.
  • June 2010 – Al Qaeda leader Abu Ahmed Tarkash is killed in a drone strike.
  • April 2011 – Obama authorizes a SEAL mission that killed Osama bin Laden.
  • June 2011 – Suspected senior Al Qaeda operative Ilyas Kashmiri is killed in a drone strike in Pakistan.
  • August 2011 – Drones kill the aforementioned Atiyah Abd al-Rahman.

6 Year~Old Female Terrorist Groped By TSA

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American culture is ill.

via Gateway Pundit.

Starting To Say `No,` Demanding Truly Moderate Islam … And Geert Wilders.

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Andrew C. McCarthy, a frequent contributor to NRO had an article in  The New York Post. He points out how the proposed GZM has more Americans realizing that this is not an isolated incident and that the “extremists” outnumber the “moderates.”

For the better part of two decades, Americans have been murdered by Islamists and then lectured that they are to blame for what has befallen them. We have been instructed in the need for special sensitivity to the unceasing demands of Islamic culture and falsely accused of intolerance by the people who wrote the book on intolerance.

Americans have sacrificed blood and bottomless treasure for Islamic peoples who despise Americans — and despise us even more as our sacrifices and gestures of self-loathing intensify. Americans have watched as apologists for terrorists and sharia were made the face of an American Muslim community that we were simultaneously assured was the very picture of pro-American moderation

Americans have been very tolerant, but as Tony Blair said, it’s the so called Islamic Moderates who will need to curb the extremists.

We look around us and we see our country unrivaled by anything in the history of human tolerance. We see thousands of thriving mosques, permitted to operate freely even though we know for a fact that mosques have been used against us, repeatedly, to urge terrorism, recruit terrorists, raise money for terrorists, store and transfer firearms, and inflame Muslims against America and the West.

“Moderate Islam” is a dream, not a reality. It is a dream with potential — because there are millions of Muslims who are moderate people, and because there are dedicated Muslims working to transform their faith into something that is institutionally moderate.

Now here is Geert Wilders delivering a speech in New York City yesterday, September 11, 2010.

Geert Wilders lives with a constant death threat over his head. Al-Qaeda has vowed to kill him. As a Dutch parliamentarian and outspoken critic of radical Islam, Mr. Wilders must travel with four bodyguards and sleep in a safe house, each and every night.

Part I:

Part II:

H/T Weasel Zippers.

Here is his short documentary film, Fitna set off a firestorm in the Middle East and Western Europe immediately upon its release. The controversial film showed how Islamic terrorists are following the literal dictations of the Quran.

via Always On Watch As I perused that site, I was surprised to read this quote from Bono.

I want to be very, very clear, however: I understand and agree with the analysis of the problem. There is an imminent threat. It manifested itself on 9/11. It’s real and grave. It is as serious a threat as Stalinism and National Socialism were. Let’s not pretend it isn’t.

9/11 The Falling Man

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Never forget.

I watched Charlie Rose’s interview Tony Blair. He said if the people who did this could have killed 30,000 people, or 300,000 people, they would have. His autobiography.

via The Other McCain.


Remember 9-11

Excellent post by Cassy Fiano

Did GWB Really Visit Ft. Hood Without The Media Reporting It? Well, No.

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Below is the text of one of those emails we all get from friends. I had no way of knowing if it was true. After I forwarded it to 2 family members I got curious as to why I had never heard about this visit, so I did a little digging.

Here’s the original email:

The doctor had his TV on in his office when the news of the military base shootings at Ft. Hood , TX came on. The husband of one of his employees was stationed there.

He called her into his office and as he told her what had happened, she got a text message from her husband saying, “I am okay.” Her cell phone rang right after she read the message. It was an ER nurse,” I’m the one who just sent you a text, not your husband. I thought it would be comforting but I was mistaken in doing so. I am sorry to tell you this, but your husband has been shot 4 times and he is in surgery.”

The soldier’s wife left Southern Clinic in Dothan , AL and drove all night to Ft.Hood. When she arrived, she found out her husband was out of surgery and would be OK. She rushed to his room and found that he already had visitors there to comfort him. He was just waking up and found his wife and the visitors by his side. The nurse took this picture.

What? No news crews and cameras? This is how people with class respond and pay respect to those in uniform. I sent my cousin in Fayetteville , N.C. (Retired from Special Forces) that picture of George W. visiting the wounded at Ft. Hood . I got this reply:

What is even better is the fact George W. Bush heard about Fort Hood, got in his car without any escort, apparently they did not have time to react, and drove to Fort Hood. He was stopped at the gate and the guard could not believe who he had just stopped. Bush only asks for directions to the hospital then drove on. The gate guard called that “The President is on Fort Hood and driving to the hospital.”

The base went bananas looking for Obama. When they found it was Bush, they immediately offered escort. Bush simply told them to shut up and let him visit the wounded and the dependents of the dead.

He stayed at Fort Hood for over six hours, and was finally asked to leave by a message from the White House.

Obama flew in days later and held a “photo” session in a gym, and did not even go to the hospital.

I Googled “george w bush Ft Hood visit” and then went to Here’s the short answer:

Q: Did President George W. Bush drop everything to visit Ft. Hood victims? Was he ordered away by the Obama administration?

A: Bush did visit the wounded at Ft. Hood, but a Bush spokesman says that his visit was coordinated with base officials and that he was not asked to leave by the White House.

Here’s the Full Answer:

The e-mail contains a grain of truth. President George W. Bush did visit the wounded at Ft. Hood only a day after the tragic Nov. 5 shooting spree on the base, as was reported publicly at the time by a number of news outlets. But since then, we’ve had a steady stream of queries about this chain e-mail’s description of the visit, in which the author embellishes the facts considerably. Army officials would not comment, so we spoke to Bush spokesman David Sherzer, who was happy to set the record straight.

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Only For Serious Newt Lovers.

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This runs for 68 minutes.

Almost nine years after the 9/11 attacks, the United States has yet to confront the threat posed by the extremist and irreconcilable wing of Islam. Former Speaker of the House and AEI senior fellow Newt Gingrich will warn that now is the time to awaken from self-deception about the nature of our enemies and rebuild a bipartisan commitment, in Afghanistan and elsewhere, to defend America. Drawing on the lessons of Camus and Orwell, Gingrich will describe the dangers of a wartime government that uses language and misleading labels to obscure reality.

Update: Here’s a 6 minute “highlight” from the speech.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on TV

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali has become one of my favorite people. Her book Infidel is a true profile in courage. I already given away four copies to friends.

In this video, the outspoken and controversial author was recently in Canada to talk about her new book ‘Nomad‘.

H/T NewsReal Blog.

An Interview With One of my Heroes: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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Ever since reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Infidel, I follow everything I can about her.  I’m looking forward to getting her newest book: Nomad.

Before I print a recent interview, here’s Mark Steyn’s   The left’s strange hostility to Hirsi Ali (Nicholas Kristof is just the latest great thinker to talk himself into a rosy view of Islam).

The Interview:

Maclean’s talks to writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali about living under a fatwa.

Born Muslim in Somalia, Ayaan Hirsi Ali grew up in Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Kenya, fleeing to the Netherlands at the age of 22 to escape an arranged marriage. Ten years later, she was elected to the Dutch parliament. A prominent feminist and critic of Islam, she received numerous death threats when she renounced her faith following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In 2004, Theo van Gogh, the director of a short film she wrote protesting Islam’s treatment of women, was murdered in Amsterdam by a Muslim extremist who threatened that she would be next. Since 2007, the bestselling author of  Infidel, a memoir, has lived in the U.S., where she is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. In her new book, Nomad, Hirsi Ali writes about her struggle to assimilate into Western society and proposes remedies to help other immigrants resist the appeal of Islamic fundamentalism.

Q: Are you, after eight years with a security detail, inured to death threats? It’s hard to imagine you could continue to function if you felt constant fear.
A: It’s not a great way of leading your life, but like everything else, you get used to it. Presidents, members of royal families, diplomats—anybody who’s subjected to live under a security protocol does function. And I’m not the only one [with a fatwa]. There’s a whole class of people who live this way. I think, look, they can kill me physically—or I could die of a heart attack or whatever. Life is short. What they cannot kill are my ideas. The fact my books have been published and are out there—there are limits to silencing.

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We Are The World ..or.. We Con The World

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Better to laugh than cry. Witness … The Flotilla Choir

“We con the world” is a message adapted from the unforgettable video whose time has, in the capable voices of the Flotilla Choir, come around again:

There comes a time
When we need to make a show
For the world, the Web and CNN
There’s no people dying,
so the best that we can do
Is create the greatest bluff of all

We must go on pretending day by day
That in Gaza, there’s crisis, hunger and plague
Coz the billion bucks in aid won’t buy their basic needs
Like some cheese and missiles for the kids

We’ll make the world
Abandon reason
We’ll make them all believe that the Hamas
Is Momma Theresa
We are peaceful travelers
With guns and our own knives
The truth will never find its way to your TV…

via Power Line

Obama Must Be Doing the Right Thing if Helen Thomas Disagrees

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Helen Thomas Irritates Obama. She says:

don’t give us this “Bushisms” if we don’t go to Afghanistan, the terrorists will come here.

Chances are that I’ll agree with Obama’s position 95% of the time, if Helen Thomas is against what he’s doing.

Tavis Smiley: More Christians Than Muslims Blow Up People Every Single Day in USA.

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I’ve known for many years that progressives and I do not live in the same world.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, one of my favorite people in the world, who has actually lived among both groups, gave the best rational answer:

I think you & I disagree.

No “facts” are going to dissuade this kind of moral equivalence.

via Kathy Shaidle.

And, here’s the transcript (via Verum Serum):

Ayann Hirsi-Ali: Somehow this guy got in his mind that killing other people would be a great thing to do and he would be rewarded for it in the hereafter…

Smiley: But Christians do that every single day, in this country.

Ali: Do they blow people up…

Smiley: Yes, Christians, every day…people walk into post offices…people walk into post offices, they walk into schools, that’s what Columbine was. I mean, I could do this all day long. There are so many more examples of Christians — and I happen to be a Christian, that’s back to this notion of your idealizing Christianity in my mind, to my read — there are so many more examples, Ayaan, of Christians who do that than you could ever give me examples of Muslims who have done that inside this country in which you live and work.

Liz Cheney: First Instinct To Mirandize, and Giuliani: PC Has Led to Missed Signals

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Actually, this administration’s first instinct is to deny that radical Islam has declared war on America. Their second instinct is to not use words like jihad, sharia, or Islamic radicalism in their reports. The third instinct is to deny that the terrorism man-caused disaster suspect is an Islamic radical. And, Team Obama’s fourth response is to pamper the little darling and read him his rights.

From Gateway Pundit.

Here’s Rudy Giuliani saying:

“They’re at war with us, and we’re studying what rights they have… We’re worried more about the rights of terrorists..than urgency about keeping us safe.”

Mark Steyn: An award for un-Islamophobia

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An insightful article by Mark Steyn on the 42nd Street “would-be” bomber, past terrorists attempts and America’s supposed Islamophobia:

As for the idea that America has become fanatically “Islamophobic” since Sept. 11, au contraire: Were the United States even mildly “Islamophobic,” it would have curtailed Muslim immigration, or at least subjected immigrants from Pakistan, Yemen and a handful of other hotbeds to an additional level of screening. Instead, Muslim immigration to the West has accelerated in the past nine years, and, as the case of Faisal Shahzad demonstrates, being investigated by terrorism task forces is no obstacle to breezing through your U.S. citizenship application. An “Islamophobic” United States might have pondered whether the more extreme elements of self-segregation were compatible with participation in a pluralist society. Instead, President Obama makes fawning speeches boasting that he supports the rights of women to be “covered” – rather than the rights of the ever-lengthening numbers of European and North American Muslim women beaten, brutalized and murdered for not wanting to be covered. The U.S. is so un-Islamophobic that a 13-story mosque is being built at ground zero – on the site of an old Burlington Coat Factory damaged by airplane debris that Tuesday morning in 2001.

And, whenever the marshmallow illusions are momentarily discombobulated, the entire political-media class rushes forward to tell us that the thwarted killer was a “lone wolf,” an “isolated extremist.” According to Mr. Bloomberg a day or two before Mr. Shahzad’s arrest, the most likely culprit “maybe” was “someone … that doesn’t like the health care bill or something.” Even after Mr. Shahzad’s arrest, Associated Press, CNN and The Washington Post attached huge significance to the problems the young jihadist had had keeping up his mortgage payments. Subprime terrorism is a far greater threat to the United States than anything to do with certain words beginning with I and ending in slam.

Read the whole article here:

Newt Gingrich: “An Elite Determined to Avoid Reality”

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Newt Gingrich: “This Is Really Dangerous For Our Survival to Have an Elite So Determined to Avoid Reality” (Video)

via Gateway Pundit.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Comments on South Park`s Latest Controversy.

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If you’re a South Park fan, as I am, you already know about the two controversial episodes mentioning Muhammad.

Briefly, Abu Talhah al Amrikee put up a video on the Internet explaining why a South Park episode with a rather tame Mohammad joke was likely to lead to the deaths of the show’s creators. Just to underline the point, he showed some pictures of Theo van Gogh, the Dutch film director brutally murdered. Mr. al Amrikee helpfully explained that his video incitement of the murder of Matt Stone and Trey Parker wasn’t really “a threat but just the likely outcome.”

Here’s a clip of Ayaan Hirsi Ali with her take.

Her book Infidel is an excellent read if you’re inspired by examples of great human courage and want to get a feel for what it’s like to grow up as a female under Islam.

This video, with Matt Stone and Trey Parker, actually shows an image of Mohammad, as opposed to the recent censorship. It was before the Danish Cartoon fiasco.  Via Atlas Shrugs:

Here’s an editorial from The New York Post:

Nearly every bit of over-the-top satire has outraged someone or some group and prompted calls for the show to be boycotted or even banned.

And each time, for better or for worse, the program’s network, Comedy Central, has stood firmly behind creator-producers Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Except when it comes to Islam and the prophet Mohammed

Some credit to Jon Stewart for his defense.   Via Hot Air:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
South Park Death Threats

Liz Cheney of Keep America Safe speaks at SRLC.

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Liz addresses the 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Conference. She speaks about Iran, President Obama, National Security, Terrorism, Guantanamo, AG Eric Holder, and gives examples of how differently the left and the right think.

Visit Keep America Safe.

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